Lived in, yet showable...


Another King of Prussia townhouse, lived in like normal folks would, with regularly used items on the counters - who wants to bother putting them away when you use them all the time, right?!  But look at the appeal of this kitchen in the after shot!  Tons of counter space and even the paint color looks cleaner!

This dining room had lost it way and became the dumping ground for anything and everything.  But after I staged it, you can see what the purpose of this room is - multi-purpose in fact!  This space can double as a quick home office in a pinch. And look at that natural light! Simply, devine.

Just a few little tweaks to this guest bedroom make all the difference. Changing the angle of the bed, opening up the curtains and aligning the nightstand make this room inviting for any guest.  You can also see the value in using professional photography to sell your home.