This homeowner had already begun the process of getting her home ready to sell by freshening up the paint with a warm, neutral color and decluttering. What was left was a blank slate in the family room that needed some warmth and an invitation to gather. By shopping in her basement, we found a vintage mirror the homeowner loved, but couldn't find a place for and made it the centerpiece of the room. By adding well thought out items to compliment the room's new purpose, we created a loving space with interest and made this room a haven for her family to enjoy and buyers to feel welcome. Check out that old trunk we used on top of a game table to create a fun coffee table!

The living room was enormous, as confirmed by the extra large table the homeowner used there for family gatherings. However, buyers wouldn't be able to see the function of this space the way it was currently being used. We moved the table to the wall to provide an entry into the room, while keeping the library and rearranging the furniture to provide more seating that welcomed reading and relaxing. While this room still showed potential buyers it was a living room, it also provided an alternative use for the space by creating a game table where the family could gather together and a quieter side of the room for personal time.