Staging to Stay

You might be familiar with staging your home when you're ready to sell - creating model home like rooms that showcase function and flow allowing buyers to visualize themselves living there amongst beautiful furniture and accessories. This is traditional staging that ultimately someone else gets to enjoy.  But what about you? What about Staging to Stay? Don't you want to live in your home amongst beautiful furnishings and lovely decor that makes you feel like you are the queen (or king) of your model home castle? Well, you can!  It's called Staging to Stay!  Yes indeedy folks, why not stage your own home so that you can enjoy showcasing each room's best feature, place your furniture in its optimal spot to create more function within your rooms and accessorize with pieces you love?!  Staging to Stay (you might also hear this called Redesign or Staging to Live vs. Leave) is a popular and less costly alternative to interior design and remodeling.

Truth be told, I didn't coin the phrase, "Staging to Stay.  The methodology came about due to clients loving the finished result of staging their home to show and sell to potential buyers. After about the tenth or so time hearing "I can't believe I didn't think of that," "This space feels so much bigger!" and "I love it so much now I don't want to leave!" It only made sense to stage the house they were moving into as well.  

Staging to stay is what I like to call "creative redesign" because what I do is use everything you already own and place it in areas you might not have considered. Sort of a decor refresher if you will. Placing furniture for optimum flow, conversation and enjoyment of that particular room's special feature is all part of staging your home to stay. One small example, a tired bookshelf.  You know the one, you pass it every time you walk into your kitchen.  It houses every book you own, trinkets you plan to put away into their rightful spot as soon as you have some extra time and that basket that holds your car keys so you know just where they are when you need them. Let's redesign that bookshelf into a showpiece! Wouldn't you love to take a second and actually enjoy it while that second cup of coffee is brewing?  Here's how - start by taking everything off the shelves. Then add books back by arranging them, some horizontal and some vertical. Add special momentos and leave some empty space.  Or, use it to showcase special collectibles and mix it up with cookbooks and baking supplies.  The possibilities are endless and all it takes is a little bit of time and a touch of creative flair. And if you want to go really crazy, move the bookshelf between your kitchen's eat-in area and and family room to create a little bit of separation without completely closing off the area. This is just one example of what can be done when I help you Stage to Stay.

So whether you just moved into a new home and aren't quite sure the best place to put that sofa or if you've lived in your home for years and are tired of looking at the same old stuff, give me a call!  We can create fabulous, functional and fun rooms for you to enjoy all over again - without having to remodel, redecorate or (gasp) move and most importantly, without breaking the bank.

Boring to Beachy

A super fun project to help a repeat client is always tops on my list. These folks needed to take their beachy rental to the next level in order to sell.  They had a few things still lying around the house from their time spent there over the summer, but it was in need of some love.  A little cleaning up, putting away, rearranging and decorating with what I found in the condo resulted in a warm, welcoming beach pad.