Like it or not, Winter's coming!

Personally, I love the snow! I look forward to the first snowfall and when our Scooby Dog was still around, I would wrap up and the two of us headed out for a walk while it was still coming down. There's something about the crispness, the peace that fills the air and the slight twinkle of the snowflakes during a snowfall that makes me happy.  Now, If it would only fall when it's 70 degrees outside, it would be even better!

Even if snow isn't your thing, you should still be ready for it and here are some home maintenance tips to keep you cozy and warm inside, not left out in the cold:

  • schedule your furnace or boiler maintenance now. some places will even give you a discount for service prior to December 1.
  • clean out those gutters! leaves and debris can cause water to freeze  and cause ice dams under your shingles, leading to water damage on your roof and inside your house.
  • order your firewood. you never know when that nor'easter will knock out your power.
  • refresh those flashlight batteries (see firewood above!)
  • did your shovels break after last winter's crazy snow accumulation? time to go purchase new ones - or better yet, a snow blower!
  • keep the hot chocolate on hand (and maybe some Bailey's too!)